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I hope I never have to use, but is good to have just in case. Developing a trauma kit for the car. The burn shields are packaged exactly as described. Truly hope they are never needed.
STRONG MEDECINE. I got a really bad oil burn on my leg and I had some of these in a MyMedic recon bag. Great relief and it helped with the healing. Burnshield has great products all around.
Excellent Works Miracles. My mother-in-law got one of her arms burn with hot water to a point that her sking immediately got blisters and skin started to pilloff. Three days after her burn I ordered the Burnshield, my mother-in-law started to apply them and after she use the last one, her arm was much better we couldn't believe how fast and good this product worked. Best ever!!!
Amazing Relief. I acquired a pretty nasty 2nd degree grease burn and this was my miracle treatment. Could not have gotten through the healing process without it. Put in the fridge to get nice and cold, cut to fit the blistered area and used those extra large band-aids to keep in place -- changing out often. Did not sting and provided instant pain relief. Generous size patches with lots of ointment in the pouch. My burn healed very nicely.
A must have for burns and abrasions in any first aid kit. Great dressing for burns. My girlfriend had a propane burn from a smoker and we used these for the burn twice a day for a week and a half. Scaring is almost nonexistent and soothed the burn site as well as it didn't stick to the damaged tissue.